Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Dragon Treasure Artwork - Now Live On Facebook

Just a quick update to say I now have a proper Facebook page which you can find here:
Dragon Treasure Artwork on Facebook.

If you are interested in my artwork please feel free to come and have a look. Artwork is split into separate folders, similar to my website.

Cheers for now,

Feeling the Excitement of Artistic Inspiration

May, I have to say, has been pretty good to me! I have been lucky enough to go up to Birmingham two weekends in a row (thanks to my lovely fiance driving me there, twice!) to see the Pre-Raphaelite exhibition 'Poetry of Drawing' - an incredible collection of their sketches, never before exhibited.

The first visit there, I simply absorbed the magic of their sketches and took in all the detail and exquisite realism in their art. The second visit I took up my sketchbook and, reminiscing back to the days as a student, stood, sketching in front of my favourites. I have to say I had quite forgotten how hard it is to sketch in a gallery: your arms get tired, people are constantly peering over your shoulder and mumbling unnecessary comparisons under their breath, plus there's never enough time to draw everything!
It was a huge treasure and treat though, to see their work not once, but twice. There is something utterly refreshing about viewing an artists sketches. I feel you learn more about the artists way of thinking through their sketches than finished artworks.

So! I felt inspired to make more of an effort to sketch and create preparatory work prior to embarking on my paintings, as I very often go full speed ahead into a painting with only a map in my mind of the finished article.
I have also been trying out a new style in some of my work, with far more colour and pattern, having recently fallen in love with the work of a Korean artist called Minjae Lee - check out his website - his work is nothing short of spectacular.

I have also, finally got round to submitting a piece of work for the Enchanted Visions May theme, however you will have to wait for the grand unveiling on their website before I can post it on here.

So, for now, here's a look at some of my most recent artistic endeavours.

Until next time,

Ella x

Patterns In Her Hair 1 - Watercolour - 2011

Patterns In Her Hair 2 - Watercolour - 2011
 Rainbow Priestess - Watercolour - 2011