Sunday, 25 September 2011

Kimono Complete!

Yes, finally, after much anticipation I can finally reveal the finished Kimono Beauty.
She's actually been dry for a few weeks but this is the first chance I've had to scan the canvas. She was a birthday present for my Dad as he kept mentioning how much he liked her while I was painting her at the exhibition. He was very pleased when he realised she was his and going to stay in the family rather than being sold.

Other news: Next exhibition - Creative Minds, Kingston October exhibition will start on Saturday 22nd October - Friday 28th October. More details to follow. This one will have a larger number of artists with varied styles and mediums. I am thoroughly looking forward to it, plus the prospect of another unadulterated week of painting. Hopefully I can get some new work ready in time too.

That's all for now folks :-)

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Kimono Nearly Complete...

Well... The summer came and went, packed full of activities. The exhibition was a huge success. We had a fantastic week in Spain, enjoying the sunshine, atmosphere and amazing food. The latter part of August consisted of a wedding, preparation for school and finally I got some time to continue the kimono.

I worked on the cherry blossom fan design before embarking on a subtle gradient for the background. Just a couple of small areas to complete including the embroidery in the bottom lefthand corner. I will update the photo of the final piece shortly.

Detail of cherry blossom design on the fan:

Background gradient of subtle blue and lilac.
I decided to paint it covering the edges of the canvas too.