Sunday, 12 May 2013

Hello 2013!

Hello 2013!!! I have been meaning to update my blog in months, apologies!
So, what's been happening in the world of Ella?... Last Autumn I completed a couple of commissions after we returned from a wonderful three week honeymoon in Thailand over the summer.

The first was a commission of a couple for their wedding day. The brief was to create a watercolour painting similar in style to 'Woodland Faerie Queen' with leaves and branches surrounding the figures. Just my kind of thing! The second was a portrait drawing of my friend's baby daughter. It is always a challenge drawing children, especially very young children, but she is such a beautiful little lass and I jumped at the chance. I also took both these occasions as an opportunity to create 'work in progress' videos, which you can see below. I thought they would make a nice little added extra for the purchasers and plan on doing this for future commissions, so the buyer can see how the artwork was created, all the time and dedication that goes into their piece of art.

After those two commissions were finished, we moved into our first home - very exciting times - and so I have had little time for art. It's hard to believe we are already five months into the year and this weekend is the first proper opportunity I have had to create something. Last week, having felt artistically stifled for far too long, I decided to buy the full set of Faber Castell Polychromo coloured pencils. There are 120 in the set and they are so lovely to use. Yesterday I had a really nice day drawing. My first artwork of 2013. It was so therapeutic sitting and drawing all day, reminded me of university - oh how I took that for granted! Hopefully I'll make more time for art as we head towards the summer - so this little faery is here to give me inspiration! I feel the suggestion of summer on it's way, although the glimpses of sunshine we are getting soon turn to grey skies and rain - but I am optimistic none-the-less, that better weather and further opportunities lie just around the corner. I will look forward to greeting them when they arrive!

Summer Is On It's Way
Polychromo Pencils, 2013.

Autumn Dedication
Watercolour, 2012.

Here is the video for Autumn Dedication:

Grace Rose
Pencil, 2012.

Here is the video for Grace Rose: